Facility management is a comprehensive process aimed at planning, organizing, implementing and controlling all aspects of a facility’s work. This process includes the management of human, financial, material and operational resources, with the aim of achieving the objectives of the establishment efficiently and effectively.

We are in alweaam group for facilities management services provide , facilities management services, maintenance and operation management, strategic planning, technical and technical management, security and safety management, human resources management, public and customer relations management, financial and accounting management, quality management, auditing and auditing, coordination and contracts, technology and innovation management .

Our facility management services aim to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the facility, achieve the highest levels of quality, efficiency and sustainability, and achieve the facility’s financial and strategic goals. Our services also contribute to improving customer experience and enhancing the company’s reputation in the market.

Facility management:

This includes the maintenance of buildings, structures, appliances and equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, sewage systems, electricity and lighting. It also includes contract and contractor management, technical support and emergency management.

Security and safety management:

includes guarding, security and monitoring services, assessing risks and implementing safety and prevention measures, training employees on emergency procedures and securing property and people.

Environment Management:

This includes collecting, storing and treating waste in environmentally friendly ways, complying with local and international environmental laws and regulations, and implementing energy management and sustainability programmes.

Maintenance and Operation Management:

This includes maintaining equipment, machinery, and devices and operating systems and facilities efficiently in accordance with specified standards and requirements. Preventive maintenance and subsequent repairs are performed to maintain optimal facility performance.

Purchasing and Supplies Management:

 It includes managing the supply of materials and supplies needed for the facility, analyzing needs, selecting suitable suppliers, managing contracts, shipping and storage.

Realestate management:

 Real estate management services include leasing units, managing contracts, collecting rents, maintaining and developing real estate, and coordinating real estate activities in general.