company history

Our company was founded on a simple ideolog-each department to itself. AL WEAAM GROUP is a company with a rich experience spanning over 11 years, was founded in 2010 in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and then the new site was established in Dubai in 2013 The company had many activities since it was founded, we are specialist in solving business difficulties which is not easy to solve, and this is what distinguishes us from others, including contracting with some government agencies in providing service management consulting including RAK FTZ. We had provided services completion of transactions, including various government simple and complex at the level of individuals, institutions, and companies in all parts of the UAE. Furthermore its many services for the businessman and investors from the beginning of their business establishment until after carrying out their activities In addition that we proffered the businessmen services, in 2013. The company has succeeded in bringing together experience extending over practice and quality legal experience. In light of this recognized success, we had a major advisor in marketing management to both the corporate &individuals as well on 2017. We can bring a world of experience gained from our advisory role in the public sector to the corporate world and, in so doing, ensure that the legislation and maintains legal health, given the respective regulatory environments in which their businesses operate. And this is what we have sought to achieve from 2019 to the present day through the Al Weaam Group by strengthening our services and providing the legal services department, Facilities management services department, Lorenzo Trading, and IT services. Al Weaam Group is incorporated under the laws of the UAE. Currently, as dedicated Partners of the Al Weaam group, we have organized our business to manage all the Pre-Sales and Post Sales businesses to provide maximum quality of services to end-users and in turn, make it profitable for our company.