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Alweaam Legal Services is a leading legal services company   in Dubai, specializing in all aspects of Civil Law. Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers provides comprehensive legal solutions for individuals and businesses facing civil disputes.

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Civil Law governs non-criminal matters arising between individuals, businesses, and other entities. It focuses on resolving disputes and enforcing legal rights ,Our team of skilled lawyers can assist you with:

Contract Disputes

Breaches of agreements, commercial contracts, and any binding obligations.

Debt Recovery

We help you reclaim unpaid invoices, loans, and outstanding financial dues.

Real Estate Matters

Navigating issues related to property ownership, tenancy agreements, and construction disputes.

Intellectual Property Protection:

Safeguarding your trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

Corporate Law

Resolving disputes between shareholders, directors, and other stakeholders within your company.

Family Law

Providing guidance and representation in divorce, child custody, inheritance, and other family-related legal matters.

Maritime Law

Addressing disputes arising from commercial shipping activities.

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